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Supervision Overview

Aaron is accredited with AHPRA to provide supervision to psychologists on 4 + 2, 5 + 1, University Internship, and Clinical Endorsement pathways. He has provided primary supervision services to Psychologists on all of these pathways as well as providing expert secondary supervision to psychologists for brief negotiated contracts around areas of particular interest. Aaron’s philosophy of supervision is consistent with his outcome driven and feedback informed views on therapy.

Supervision must be tailored to the individual needs of the supervisee. The best way to ensure that supervision is meeting the needs of the supervisee is to ask, and the best way to ensure supervisees will be honest is to ensure a strong and trusting relationship from the outset. As a supervisor Aaron will work with you to identify your goals and to help you to realise them. He is most interested in you becoming the best psychologist you can be.

Aaron also recognises that no supervisor can meet all the needs of a supervisee, and has an extensive network of colleagues with whom he regularly work to ensure a rounded supervision experience.

Teleconference Supervision

Aaron is experienced in providing supervision both over telephone and via web based teleconference facilities.  This is something that can often be negotiated as part of a supervision contract. NB: AHPRA will only approve a limited amount of “Alternate Supervision” for Internship pathways, but the Registrar program is unrestricted in this regard.  If uncertain about your circumstances, always seek advice directly from AHPRA.

Empirical Supervision

Aaron has a particular interest in providing supervision to experienced psychologists who are interested in improving their client outcomes. He is familiar with the outcome suits used in the FIT framework as well as the OQ-45, Outcome Star as well as others. Aaron is happy to help select appropriate outcome tools for your practice / organisational needs, as well as give supervision around how to get the most out of them. He also provides supervision of supervision for accredited supervisors who are interested in applying these frameworks to their supervisees.

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